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Clarissa Harlowe Barton, Clara, as she preferred to be known as, is one of the most honored and respected women in American history. She began her career as a teacher at a period in time when most teachers were men and she was also among the first women to gain employment in the federal government. Clara risked her life in service to others; she repeatedly risked her life to support the soldiers on the battlefields during the Civil War. In 1881, when she was 60, she founded the American Red Cross and led it for the proceeding 23 years. Her moral compass helped guide her throughout her life – she was constantly seeking to understand the needs of people in distress and develop ways to help them overcome those challenges. By the power of living her life through example, she opened paths to the emerging field of volunteer service. Her steadfast and intense belief in serving others resulted in enough achievements to fill several ordinary lifetimes!

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Clara Barton Elementary will be an inclusive school environment that will develop leadership skills in service of improving our local & global communities. Students will investigate and plan solutions to real-world problems by reflecting on knowledge and skills gained through academic studies. Teachers and students will partner together to identify needs in our community, research and learn about the area of need, and design a project of service.