DreamBox Learning Program

Based on the recommendation of the Capital Technology Advisory, DreamBox Learning has been made available to all elementary schools for broad scale piloting in 2018-19.  DreamBox Learning, a supplemental adaptive math program, meets current best practice in digital learning approaches with research and efficacy studies supporting use of the program within math instruction.
DreamBox Learning is a program that:
•    Adapts to each learner 
•    Builds on each learner’s prior personal knowledge
•    Empowers learners to make self-directed choices
•    Continually assesses to form a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
•    Utilizes data to individualize instruction appropriately
Teachers participating in the pilot are incorporating DreamBox into their math instruction and may ask that students continue their learning at home.  The recommended time between home and school use is 30-60 minutes per week for K-2nd grade students and 60-90 minutes per week for 3rd - 5th grade students. Efficacy studies do not support usage beyond the recommended minutes per week. 
Parents can support their child’s work in DreamBox Learning at home in the following ways:
•    Provide time to use DreamBox Learning at home (with a computer or iPad)
•    Set up a parent access account to monitor progress
•    Encourage lesson completion (this helps the program adapt to individual needs)
•    Allow independent work within the program (the program adjusts based on student responses and will adapt accordingly)
•    Encourage the use of the “Help/Hint” button when questions arise
Parents who wish to experience DreamBox Learning can go to www.dreambox.com, click on “Parent” and then click on “Try Sample Lessons” (found in the middle of the page).