Counseling Corner

What is School Counseling all about?

A school counselor helps students with many different challenges including decision-making, problem-solving strategies, and coping strategies.  As a school counselor, I also help parents and provide encouragement.  Throughout the year I go into the classrooms and teach social/emotional curriculum Second Step and Kelso's Choices.  I collaborate with teachers and staff to provide support and help create a positive learning environment.

What does a School Counselor do?

- Assists students individually and in groups or classroom settings.

- Aids staff in further understanding students and their behaviors, and provides assistance for interventions and for motivation.

- Helps parents in learning about their child's growth and development; understanding their child's abilities, and obtaining support for family problems and crisis.

- Provide group-counseling sessions for specific students who share a common concern or problem.

Why would my child need to see a School Counselor?

- Need for encouragement

- Friendship Challenges

- Change in family due to divorce, death, moving, etc.

- Poor grades

- Sudden change in emotional responses

How does my child see the School Counselor?

- Self Referral

- Teacher Referral

- Parent Referral

- Principal Referral

Parent calls and emails are always welcome!

Meet the Counselor

madison lecompte

Clara Barton Elementary
12101 172nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
425-936-2480 x54879